Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register if I want to use the service?

  • Yes, registration is required but users can log in using Facebook or Google authentication or by providing their own e-mail address. With logging in using any of these methods users accept the End User Agreement.
  • How long are the uploaded documents stored in the cloud service?

  • We store the documents maximum for 14 days. After this period the documents will be deleted.
  • Users can delete documents any time.
  • Who is able to access the uploaded documents?

  • The documents are able to accessed only by You and the system owner, which is regulated by the End User Agreement.
  • How can I pay for my printings?

  • You can pay on the spot by cash or credit card and we provide on-line payment opportunity as well. The way you can pay for a specific printing depends on the Printing Point, what methods they accept. You can get information about the accepted methods in PickaPrinter App and on the website in the information section of every provider page.
  • How can I get my printed document?

  • You can get your document on the Printing Point. If you would like to use any other delivery service you have to contact the specific Printing Point.
  • What are the supported document formats I can upload?

  • We support most of the popular document an image formats, e.g. pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, odt, ods, jpg, bmp…any many others. If you have the opportunity, please upload your document in pdf format. If you use other formats, please always check the preview before printing.
  • What are the parameters I can set in connection with my printings?

  • You can set whether you would like to print in color or gray scale mode, the size of the paper used (A4, A3) and whether you would like the print in duplex mode or not. It is important that the parameters you can choose vary depending on the printer. In the application you get information about the possibilities you can chose at the specific Printing Point. The following icons help you in set up:
  • This icon appears if you have chosen gray scale printing. By clicking (taping) on this icon you can change to color mode.

    This icon appears if you have chosen color printing. By clicking (taping) on this icon you can change to gray scale mode.

    This icon appears if you have chosen one-sided printing. By clicking (taping) on this icon you can change to duplex mode.

    This icon appears if you have chosen duplex printing. By clicking (taping) on this icon you can change to one-sided mode.

    Do I need any special software if I would like to be a Printing Point (Provider)?

  • Yes, all you have to do is downloading a small software from this link . After downloading you need to log in with your PickaPrinter account (username / password), and you can use this very simple application.
  • What does the “secure document” mean?

  • In the PickaPrinter system you can make your uploaded documents more secure. This means that the documents cannot be printed without you permission in any circumstances. If you want to enable this function you only need to check the “Secure document” option. In this case the system generates not only the PPcode (which identifies your document) but a security code as well which is only known by You. When you let your document printed you have to provide this code at the Printing Point. If you lose this security code, your document cannot be printed in any other way.
  • How I can contact PickaPrinter Team if I have any further questions?

    We appreciate if you send any further questions, suggestions or you opinion about PickaPrinter to