The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Find a Public Printing Point.

Find the most convenient printing point!

Find the most convenient Printing Point!

The key strength of PickaPrinter community printing service is being based on social platforms. The service can be accessed via mobile (iOS & Android) application or via any web browser.

With the PickaPrinter application you can choose the closest printing point then upload your document easily for printing directly from any well known cloud services (iCloud, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc.), from an email attachment or from your computer useing our webpage.

Supported cloud providers:

You can choose the existing printing points from the application or by clicking on the MAP here.


The most obvious Solution

Our goal is to give a new alternative for those:
  • who are following the latest business trends, and have their meetings at a café or in hotel lobbies
  • who like to live comfortably, and plan ahead
  • who are in constant move and do not carry documents
  • who require on the go printing services

Simple as it is

In order to use our services, you need to register. After the process is completed the system offers you the available printing points, where you can immediately check prices and opening hours.

You can use PickaPrinter:

  • from smart phone or tablet
  • using a desktop computer via web browser
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Only few steps to go

Download the application and login by using your Facebook or Google account or register via our website

Upload your document

Choose the required Printing Point from the map

Send the job you want to print with the required parameters and receive the code*

Go and pick up the documents

How does it work?