Find the most convenient Printing Point!

PickaPrinter is a convenient printing solution for those:

  • who needs fast a fast and convenient way to print
  • who values environment protection
  • who are in constant move and do not carry documents
  • who are following the latest business trends, and have their meetings at a café or in hotel lobbies
  • who require on the go printing services

Convenient and fast printing in a few steps:

  • Sign in to the PickaPrinter using the mobile app or the webpage
  • Choose your favored printing provider
  • Choose your document to print and upload it
  • Recieve your printed document using your unique PP Code

The application requuires registration.
You can use the service with our mobile applications (Google Play, App Store) or on the webpage. Certain functions may differ based on what platform you use.

Protect the Environment

The primary objectives of Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate to help the use of our natural resources in a way that saves them for the future generations.

We, at PickaPrinter are supporting the idea of the sustainable development. Based on this idea we made a cooperation agreement with the Directorate of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. With this we can give the opportunity to every PickaPrinter user and our partners to be able to help the cause.

How can You support the National Park to protect the nature and the environment? You just have to use the PickaPrinter service! After every printing we give you bonus points which you can use to buy gifts provided by the National Park. While you are drinking your morning coffee from you Duna-Ipoly mug or put on the visibility wristband for cycling, you can feel part of the supporting community. We are looking forward to welcome you among us!

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Danube-Ipoly National Park